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"Our Fight for Freedom" - Part 1

This video started what has turned into a Series.  During the Obama Administration Missouri Law Enforcement put out a document profiling a "Domestic Terrorist" thanks to the Bush Administration.  Surprise, Surprise, I fit the profile.

The profile mentions "America: From Freedom to Fascism" by Aaron Russo, God Bless his soul.  This is Part 1, the IRS.

"Our Fight For Freedom" - Part 2

In this Part 2, we continue with Aaron Russo's "America; from Freedom to Fascism", regarding the Federal Reserve and Real ID.  

Scary stuff.

"Our Fight for Freedom" - Part 3

In Parts 1 and 2, I discussed Aaron Russo's "America: Freedom to Fascism".  In this Part 3, we follow up on what has happened to some of the people in the movie since then.  Irwin Schiff, Sherry Jackson, Joe Bannister and you'll meet Joe's friend Larry Becraft.

Part 4 will be coming soon...

"Our Fight for Freedom" - Part 4

This is the final in the series I put together as a update to Aaron the Russo's "America:  Freedom to Fascism".  In this video we take a look at RealID and Government control, with RFID cards we call Drivers License's.

Steve Mnuchin; Freedom and Liberty be Damned!

Steve Mnuchin and Globalist Regulations Part 2

Ignored by Karatbars Part 1

And just as I predicted, thanks to Mr. Mnuchin (Servant of the Devil), many of my Seniors have lost access to their Crypto-Exchange.  Does Karatbars care?  Will Karatbars Fight for Freedom?  Don't hold your breath!

Ignored by Karatbars Part 2

Ignored by Karatbars Part 3

Question Answered!  

Karatbars International - "Don't Give a Damn!"  

Fox Business News "American Brainwashing Propaganda"

The Communist Manifesto and The Federal Reserve

President Jefferson and Fake News in 1807

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